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The application and operation of feed pellet making machine , Why use the feed pellet machine? Is it to save time? Or to save costs? How to choose a feed machine? How to choose a seller? How to contact the seller? How to judge the seller? Is there a new technology update for the feed machine?

Different horizontal feed mixers have different prices. Today we will analyze the determinants of the price of different horizontal feed mixers.

Two-phase electricity refers to 220-volt single-phase electricity. It also refers to the rated voltage of electrical appliances of 380 volts.

The double-rotor pulverizer is characterized in that the external force applied to the solid during the pulverization process is pulverized, sheared, impacted, and ground.

Auxiliary suction system for feed pellet plant is necessary, extrend the service life of machinery, and protect the environment

We pay attention to adjusting the feed crushing mechanical hammer and sieve plate during the operation of the feed crushing process, and these fittings must be in the best position during operation.

The phenomenon of vertical feed pulverizing and stirring unit not sucking or unloading is inevitable in the course of use. List the method of solving these phenomena

General parts for feed pulverizing mixing unit and dry powder mixing unit

The electronic batching scale is mainly composed of a scale bucket, a force transmission connector, a weight display instrument and an electronic circuit (including a power source, an amplifier, an analog-to-digital conversion, an adjustment component, a

The shells of feed hammer mill are bolted together, welded by steel plates and angle steel, and divided into a casing, a lower casing and a half shell.

Chicken farming machinery includes feed crushing machine, drinker, egg collection machine and pellet machine, etc.

The pulverization fineness of feed should take into account the type of livestock and poultry, and should also pay attention to not smashing the fat-rich grain feed such as corn, oats, etc. to avoid rancidity and deterioration.

The feed mill affects its own crushing yield:1. Influence of sieve plate vibrationWhen the feed pulverizer pulverizes the material, the pulverization chamber will automatically form a

Multifunctional feed mill is mainly used to crush rice, corn, soybean, soybean meal, wheat, etc. It can also crush hard materials such as peanut meal, corn stover, cotton rod, weed, branches, etc.

Feed mill hammer selection:Hammer is the most important part of the feed mill, and it is also the most wearable part. The crushing effect of a crusher depends largely on the quality and type

When new or old aquaculture feed processing plant want to build the new feed production line, how to choose the feed extruder, need to focus on some items, such as investment price, service life and win.

In order to reduce the feed cost of fisheries and the prevention and control of fish diseases, LIMA Machinery has introduced a fish feed extruder to effectively control fish diseases through the production and processing of fish pellets.

The feed mill machine is a common equipment for feed processing, in which the conveyor belt is most prone to failure, and the cause of the failure is mostly caused by improper operation of the feed mill.

The structure of the feed mill consists of three parts: the feeding mechanism, the crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, sieve, tooth plate) and the discharge part (fan, collecting cylinder, dust collecting bag).

How to protect feed pellets without animal feed mildew and anti-oxidation practicality?

The fish feed produced by the fish feed extruder equipment can be different from the floating feed by 2 or more, and the feed expansion degree is often less than 1.3 because of the pressure in the machine and the screw configuration, material properties a

The counter-flow cooler is an essential cooling device for the production of feed pellets, which prevents deformation and breakage of the finished pellet feed, and prevents the pellets from being bonded and mildewed during storage.

Why do cattle and sheep farmers choose the production line of cattle and sheep feed pellets? It has advantages, how to maintain it after use?

Equipment of 1 ton straw pellet feed production line includes granulation, cooling, crushing, packaging and other equipment, and some also need to be equipped with feeders.

Small feed pellet machine is made by a special process. It is an ideal equipment for raising professional households such as rabbits, fish, pigs, chickens, sheep and cattle, as well as small and medium-sized feed processing plants.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional double belt ring die feed pellet machine

Vertical feed mixer 1000 kg/500 kg normally adopts three-phase and self-priming equipment for crushing feed raw materials, such as corn, wheat, bean, etc.

Poultry feed is dependent on many factors such as weather, weight, age, and quality of production. Grain, vitamin supplements

Chicken feed grinder machine for making corn flour,chicken feed mill and poultry feed mixing unit can smash various feeds

The straw pellet feed machine is an essential mechanical equipment for modern farms.

Puffed fish feed production line:First, the process: raw material preparation → mixing → conveying → extrusion puffing