2T/H-3T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line

2T/H-3T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line

  • Main equipment: crusher, mixer, 3 set screw elevator, ring die pellet machine, cooler, screening machine, packing machine
    Capacity: 2t/h-3t/h
    Application: Producing chicken feed, poultry feed, sinking fish feed, rabbit feed, etc.
    PELLET SIZES: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm

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2T/H-3T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line is normally used for feed pellets business, producing chicken feed, poultry feed, sinking fish feed, rabbit feed, cattle feed, sheep feed, etc. And the feed pellet line is also used in medium and large farms.

2T/H-3T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line flowing chart
Raw materials→screw elevator→crushing and mixing machine→bucket elevator→silo→ring die pellet machine→bucket elevator→cooler→screening machine→packing machine


2T/H-3T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line techncial data

Machine Name Description Picture
3 set Screw Conveyor Power:2.2kw
Application:transporting the crushed materials into mixer
screw conveyor
Crusher and mixer Crusher Power:18.5kw
Crusher capacity:1t/h-3t/h
Mixer Power:7.5kw
Application:Crushing and mixing the raw materials to the required size
crusher and mixer
Ring Die Pellet machine Feeder Power:0.75kw
Conditioner Power:2.2kw
Main Power:37kw
Application:Making fish/chicken/animal feed pellets
Materials:stainless steel
2-3t/h ring-die pellet machine
Cooling machine Power:1.5KW
Application:reducing the temperature for feed pellets
Feed pellet crusher Power:5.5KW
Application:break big pellets into smaller pieces
feed pellet crusher
Vibrating screen Power:0.28KW
Application:separate the bigger, choose the suitable size pellets

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