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Introduce fish feed machine technical support, operation, design, drawing, and standard, etc.

It is a new type of aquaculture mode, through a series of water treatment units, the wastewater generated in the aquaculture pond is treated and recycled again

High-density aquaculture technology; a limited view of high-density aquaculture technology is the development trend of today's aquaculture technology.

Body rot disease that means skin ulcer disease, is one of the most common diseases of tilapia during the winter, and its pathogen is a subspecies of Aeromonas hydrophila.

Tilapia is resistant to hypoxia and fertilizer, and is not afraid of heat. When the water temperature is 12~13℃, it will get frostbite. The survival temperature is 15~35℃, and the critical temperature is 8.61℃±0.15℃.

The purchase and sale of tilapia are mainly divided into four grades, which are the average tail weight below 0.5kg, 0.5~0.8kg, 0.8~1.1kg, 1.1kg and above, and correspondingly there are four grades of product prices.If the breeding conditions are poor, the main species of tilapia should not exceed 1,000 fish/mu.

Farmers know that after several years of use after excavation of fish ponds, problems such as collapse, silt deposition at the bottom, and blockage of water inlets and outlets will occur.

Clean the pond The winter weather may have thrown many dead leaves, broken branches and other debris into the pond. If all these fragments are left in the water, they will rot into a food source for algae, which can contaminate the pond.

how to raise tilapia in a pond?tilapia fish farm needs some ready for feeding tilapia fish. Most of fish farmers breed the tilapia fish in a pond.

Causes of Enteritis in Tilapia,3 Prevention measures of tilapia sick. In severe cases, light pressure on the abdomen will cause bloody yellow mucus to flow out.

How to raise catfish? catfish farming at home or pool? 3 points should be focus on, such as fry, water, feed pellets, etc.

fish farming should be focus on the whether a fish is sick. the farmers can find out sick fish in according to eating situation, activity and body color, etc.

How to buy the fish feed pellets? listing the some suggestion to reference

Lising Feed formula of 3 type fishes, such as carp, grass carp and herring, these fishes is popular breeding in China. Scientific feed formula for fish which will grow faster and better, and there will be fewer diseases

Construction of fish ponds, Fish species and Water quality is important to raise catfish in fish farming.

2 attention of tilapia farming, The water must have good dissolved oxygen performance and contain no toxic substances.Then, as for the seedlings, it is generally necessary to choose good varieties, the source should be clear, the body should be healthy, disease-free, and ensure the rapid growth and reproduction in the later period, which will bring considerable economic benefits.

4 points precautions for raising fish in reservoir, how to choose fish species and raise fish?
Before the reservoir is stocking economic fish, it is necessary to build fish blocking facilities at all the water inlets and outlets of the reservoir, and strengthen daily management and maintenance to prevent fish escape accidents.