3T/H-5T/H Animal Feed Pellet Press Machine

3T/H-5T/H Animal Feed Pellet Press Machine

  • Capacity: 3T/H-5T/H
    Type: ring die, single phase or three phase, single or two conditioner
    Applicable animal types: poultry/chicken, cattle, sheep, fish, etc. livestock and animal food, wood pellets
    Feed type: Crushed materials of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, wood powder, etc.
    TECHNOLOGY: Gearbox, SKF Bearing, China Famous Motor, PLC control,detachable cutter,Overload protection device, stainless steel conditioner
    PELLET SIZES: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm

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3T/H-5T/H Animal Feed Pellet Press Machine is ring die pellet mill, widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, food and feed processing plants, livestock farms, poultry farms, individual farmers and small and medium farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing factories.


3T/H-5T/H Animal Feed Pellet Press Machine Technical Pamameters

Model SZLH320 SZLH350
Capacity 2-4T 2-6T
Voltage 380V 380V
Power(KW) 37 55
Dimension(mm) 2300*1500*1850 2400*1200*2200

Working principle of 3T/H-5T/H Animal Feed Pellet Press Machine
Feeding method
The ring die pellet machine adopts mechanical forced feeding, high-speed rotation and centrifugal distribution into the pelletizing chamber, and the scraper is used to distribute the material, and the feeding is uneven; the flat die pelletizer depends on the weight of the material to enter the compression chamber vertically and can feed evenly .

In a mold with the same diameter, the diameter of the ring die press wheel is limited by the diameter of the ring die die, so the pressure is limited; the diameter of the flat die press wheel is not limited by the die diameter, so the internal bearing space can be enlarged, and the larger choice The No. bearing bearing enhances the bearing capacity of the pressure roller, which not only improves the pressing force of the pressure roller, but also extends the service life.

Discharge method
The ring die has a high speed, and the damage rate is high when the material is discharged; while the flat die has a low speed, and the damage rate is low.

Pressure wheel adjustment method
If the ring die granulator uses two screws on the eccentric wheel in the middle of the pressure wheel to adjust the pressure; the flat die granulator adopts a threaded screw m100 central adjustment mechanism, with a top force of 100 tons, stable falling, soft impact, and pressure Evenly. It can adopt two ways of rotating manual and hydraulic automatic adjustment.

From the comparison between the flat die and the ring die, we can see that the pressure of the flat die is greater than that of the ring die. Therefore, it is better to use a flat die for materials such as wood chips, straw and other materials that are lighter and difficult to form.

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