350Kg/H-500Kg/H Fish Feed Production Machine

350Kg/H-500Kg/H Fish Feed Production Machine

  • Type: dry type fish feed machine and wet type fish feed machine
    Applicable animal types: aquatic products, poultry, pets, ornamental fish
    Feed type: Amino acid, soybean meal, grain, straw, green feed
    TECHNOLOGY: Carbon steel screw and nut sleeves, China Famous Motor, PLC control,detachable cutter
    PELLET SIZES: 1.5mm、1.8mm、2mm、2.5mm、3mm、4mm、5mm、6mm、6.5mm、7mm

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The main structure of 350Kg/H-500Kg/H Fish Feed Production Machine consists of an upper feeder, a conditioner, an arch breaker, a lower feeder, an extruder system, a transmission system, a frame, a water and steam device, an external cooling system and an electronic control system. 


350Kg/H-500Kg/H Fish Feed Production Machine Features
1.Easy operation:All the operating parts like steam valves, etc, adopt the humanization design, in order to facilitate actual operations.
2.The raw material is easy to find, just like corn meal 50%, wheat middling flour 40%, soybean meal 3%, rice flour 5%, meat 2%. Variably configurations of screw bolts can match the producing demands for different formulas and raw materials.
3.Longer service life: Screw bolts and dies are processed through vacuum quench treatment, also be processed with high processing precision and have a long using longevity.

Mainly used for expanded soybeans, corn and various compound feeds, suitable for the pretreatment of raw materials for medium-sized feed companies (expanded soybeans, corn, soybean meal and other materials); suitable for the expansion of fox and mink materials, and can also be used in the extraction of vegetable oil Raw material processing

application of fish feed machine

350Kg/H-500Kg/H Fish Feed Production Machine technical data

Model LM-90
Capacity 350kg/h-400kg/h
Main Shaft power 37KW
Feeding power 0.6kw
Screw diameter 90mm
Cutting power 0.8kw
Dimension(mm) 2100*1450*1350
Weight 950kg

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