Screw Elevator

Screw Elevator

  • Types: Tilt type Screw Elevator, horizontal Screw Elevator
    Main Structure: Feeding hopper, out-shell, internal screw, discharge port, motor
    Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel
    Application: Conveying powder and granular materials, such as fish feed pellets, wood pellets, chicken feed pellets, etc.

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Screw Elevator is suitable for conveying powder, granular and small block materials horizontally or obliquely. The temperature of the material is less than 200℃. The screw machine is not suitable for conveying easily deteriorated, viscous, and easily agglomerated materials.

Screw Elevator features
1. Large transportation capacity, safe and reliable.
2. Convenient installation and maintenance and long service life.
3. The overall model is small, and the auger rotates at a high speed, which can ensure fast and uniform conveying.
4. The whole machine has low noise, and the layout of the inlet and outlet positions is flexible, so it has strong adaptability.
5. The spiral shell adopts seamless steel tube to prevent leakage of materials.

Working principle:
The screw conveyor uses the continuously rotating screw inside to push the conveyed material along the casing to the other end.

Structure function:
The main structure of the screw conveyor is: feed port, shell, internal screw, discharge port, motor, etc., which can be used to convey powder and granular materials. According to different specific functions, screw conveyors can be divided into two categories: one is a screw elevator that can be inclined to convey, and the other is a horizontal conveyor.


Bucket elecator Technical data

Model Capacity(T/H) Power (KW)
TWLSS110 0.1-5ton/h 1.5
TWLSS165 5-10ton/h 2.2
TWLSS219 15-20ton/h 3

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