Seasoning Machine

Seasoning Machine

  • Types:Cylindrical seasoning machine, Star anise seasoning machine Materials: 304 stainless steel
    Application: fish feed, pet food, snack food, nuts, potato chips, etc. Normally used in feed production line, food production line, snack food processing line
    Main parts: Sewing machine, weighing

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Seasoning Machine includes Cylindrical seasoning machine and Star anise seasoning machine, made of stainless steel materials. The seasoning machine for flavoring various foods and feeds,during continuous processing machine can mixing and coating the liquid, powder , oil, make outlook is smoothlyand uniformity, improve the feed taste and quality.

Working principle
Using a geared motor and rotating gears, the puffed food is not broken and stirred evenly. It is carried out in a rotary seasoning machine. The vegetable oil is heated to about 70°C, and the oil is evenly sprayed on the seasoning machine through the spray nozzle. The surface of the rotating and rolling material is then sprayed with seasoning, and the powdery compound seasoning is evenly sprinkled on the surface of the continuously rolling material to obtain the finished product.


seasoning machine

Seasoning Machine Main technical parameters

Model Single roller Double roller Vertical seasoning
Power(KW) 5 6 0.5
Roller Diameter(mm) 650 650 1000
Roller Size(mm) 2350 First:1560; Second:1900 -
Capacity(kg/h) 100-150 200-500 30-90

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