Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator

  • Type: chain type, tape type, horizontal type, tilt type
    Application: lift powder, mall particles and small block materials
    Mold: TD series, used for medium and large feed production line/ wood pellet line
    Main parts: Motor, feeding hopper, Change wheel, Tensioning device, Redirection device

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Bucket elevator is a national standard TD series bucket elevator. This series of bucket elevator adopts belt drive to lift materials. It is mainly used to lift powder, small particles and small block materials.

Bucker elevator Features
1. Wide range of promotion. It can upgrade general powdery, granular and block materials and materials with grinding properties.
2. The driving power is small. Adopt inflow feeding, gravity-induced unloading, and adopt densely arranged large-capacity hopper for transportation.
3. Large conveying capacity. The lifting range is 15-800m3/h.
4. Long service life. Under normal use, the service life of the conveyor chain exceeds 5 years.
5. Good sealing and less environmental pollution.
6. Convenient operation, maintenance and repair, with few wearing parts.
7. The machine size is small, and the casing is folded and embossed in the middle, and then welded, which has good rigidity and beautiful appearance.

bucket elevator

Bucket elevator Main technical data

Model Capacity  (T/H) Power  (KW)
TDTG26/18 3-6 2.2
TDTG36/18 6-15 4
TDTG36/23 10-20 5.5
TDTG36/28 15-30 7.5
TDTG40/23 25-35 11
TDTG50/28 30-50 15

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