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The application and operation of feed pellet making machine , Why use the feed pellet machine? Is it to save time? Or to save costs? How to choose a feed machine? How to choose a seller? How to contact the seller? How to judge the seller? Is there a new technology update for the feed machine?

water quality management is related to the success or failure of aquaculture, and the control and management of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite are extremely important contents in water quality management.

Generally, in aquaculture water, pH<6.5 or pH>9.0 indicates that the pH is beyond the suitable range for fish and shrimp to survive, and corresponding measures need to be taken to adjust.

In the process of aquaculture water quality management, pH management is an important part of water quality management. In the entire breeding cycle, an appropriate pH value is not only a necessary condition for the survival of the aquaculture object, but also an important reflection of the stability of the entire pond water quality.

why do the fish farming reconstrut of Red Soil Pond? the impact of ponds and small reservoirs with red soil as the substrate on the quality of aquaculture water. and How to transform the red soil?

3 ways of Reconstruction of saline-alkali ponds, The use of saline-alkali land to improve the development of fisheries and prevent further salinization of the soil is an effective way to use saline-alkali land at present.

4 Points of Observation on Water Quality of Fish Ponds, color, plankton, aerator is the fator which can affect the water quality.

How to distinguish water quality? water quality is important for breeding fish, start fish farming, need to distinguish the water quality.

Depending on the type of feed, the feed manufacturing technology includes the raw material receiving and cleaning system, the crushing system, the ingredient mixing system, the pelletizing cooling system, and the grading and packaging system.

What is the attractant in pet food?A food attractant is an additive used in feed to enhance the appetite of pets.Feed attractant, also called flavoring agent, flavoring agent, appetite enhancer.

how to make catfish food? Common feed types for catfish can be divided into two categories: natural bait and artificial compound feed. List the catfish food making and catfish production process.

In the modern pet food market where consumers have increasing requirements for the quality and diversification of pet food, the production of puffed pet staple food with fresh meat pulp is gradually being welcomed by the market.

Analysis of Expandability of Different Raw Materials in Pet Food, 5 type pet food ingredients affect the Expandability of pet food, like dog food and cat food.

fish feed formulation is important for breeding fish, instroduce the 3 type fish feed ingredients.

Penaeus vannamei has high requirements for dissolved oxygen, generally about 3-5 mg/L, so pay attention to aeration during the breeding process.

Start a fish farming or fish ponds, need 4 points, like water source, area, water depth and pool shape according to your type of fish

Introduce 5 Ways to Prevent Sick Fish and 2 ways to treat sick fish

How to start fish farming? 4 step to start the catfish farming.

In plant proteins used as a fish meal substitute, active wheat gluten is considered an important source of protein and acts as a particle adhesive.

There are many species of catfish, common catfish (soil catfish) bigmouth catfish, clarias catfish (tang catfish) leather clarias catfish (Egyptian clarias catfish) Hakka commonly known as Hua Ge fish.

Extruders are generally divided into dry extruders and wet extruders in the market. The wet extruder adds a conditioner to the dry extruder. Its purpose is to increase the temperature of the material, soften and pre-cure the material, and add a certain amount of moisture

Dry extruder is an extruder without steam conditioner, and the raw materials are not pre-conditioned before entering the extrusion system. Wet extruder is an extruder with steam conditioner, and the raw materials are pre-conditioned before entering the extrusion system.

The expansion process can make starch paste The degree of chemistry is increased, the cell wall of the fiber structure is destroyed and softened, and part of the enclosed and bound digestible substances are released.

Aquatic feed can be roughly divided into four types in terms of its shape. The first type is powdered feed, which is a kind of powdered feed as its name suggests; the second type is soft pellets. Feed, the third type is hard pellet feed; the fourth type is extruded feed.

About 1 to 2 months before artificial propagation, when the water temperature reaches 10°C, breeder fish with an individual size of more than 500 grams are collected and cultivated in separate pools for males and females.

Due to the process arrangement and operation technology of the extruder, the output fails to meet the expected design requirements, and the surface of the particles is not smooth, uneven, easy to over-expand, spraying, etc. The editor now analyzes the main reasons that affect the production efficiency of the extruder during the granulation process as follows:

The optimum protein level of fish feed---the protein content of feed is not as high as possible!

Raising fish is a process that requires patience. Many anxious aquarists will complain that the tropical fish they raise do not grow well and grow faster than others. In fact, it takes skill to make tropical fish grow fast. So, how to make tropical fish grow normally and quickly?

Tilapia may not have been heard by many of my friends. Tilapia is one of many fishes with high nutritional value and various ways of eating. The meat of tilapia is delicious, tender, and high in protein. So how can tilapia be delicious? Let me take everyone to take a look.

What happens to fish when the temperature is below the required temperature in the water?

Commercial fish food pellets for fish has some advantages, such as the fish will growing fast for profits, reduce germs, more nutrition, etc.