Feed Pellet Packaging Machine

Feed Pellet Packaging Machine

  • Packing speed: 24-15 bags/min, 8-4 bags/min
    Kg/bags:5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg, 50kg
    Applicable animal types: poultry/chicken, cattle, sheep, fish, etc. livestock and animal food
    Types: manual, semi-auto, automatic
    Main parts: Sewing machine, weighing

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Feed Pellet Packaging Machine is widely used in the packing of rice, wheat, corn, sugar, salt, washing powder, and other particles.

Features of Automatic Feed Pellet Packaging Machine
1. High accuracy, fast speed, long service life, stable working performance, automatic weighting.<br>
2. automatic zero-cleaning, automatic accumulation, error alarming
3. It applies vibratory feeder and automatic weighting.<br>
4. Digital display, simple manual operation, multiple operative mode

packing pellets

Working Principles of Feed Packing Machine
Fish feed packing machine is comprised of a storage bin, vibratory feeder, a weighting bucket, filling funnel, an electronic control cabinet, framework and the like.
First, the fish feed pellets in the storage bin fall into the vibratory feeder. Vibratory feeder works with 50Hz vibratory frequency, and equably to bring pellets into the weighting bucket. When the weighting bucket reach to the set point, the vibratory feeder stop to bring pellets into the bucket. Then the filling funnel will pour the pellets which have been weighted in the weighting bucket into the bag. At last, the bag is sealed, and the packing ends.

Feed pellet packaging machine is the versatile machine. It can weigh and pack pellets in pellet plant, sugar processing industry and many other industries. The quantitative packaging of powder in food, flour, fodder, chemical industry etc. is also available.

Feed pellet packaging machine Technical data

Model Weighing range Error Packing speed Power Weight Dimension (mm)
LM-01 30-250g  ≤±1g 24-15 bags/min 400W  110KG 590*740*1800
LM-02 30-250g ≤±1g 24-15 bags/min 400W 110KG 590*740*1800
LM-03 10-50kg ≤±30g 8-4 bags/min 500w 270KG 1075*1120*3160

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