Fish Feed Dryer

Fish Feed Dryer

  • Capacity: 50Kg/h-1t/h
    Type:eletric power
    Applicable animal types: poultry/chicken, cattle, sheep, fish, etc. livestock and animal food

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Fish feed dryer also known as pellet extruding drying machine is used to dry the dish pellets. It is benefit to the storage of fish feed. Feed pellet dryer can be divided into Mesh belt pellet dryer, Multilayer circular vibration dryer and Cone dryer, mesh belt dryer is widely used for feed production line and snack, corn food plant.. It is benefit to the storage of fish feed.

Why do the fish feed production line need the Pellet extruding drying machine?
Fish feed extruder are moist in high temperature, so they can not be transported and stored immediately and require to be dried first. Mesh belt pellet dryer is specially designed machine to remove pellet moisture and heat generated in pellet production.

Cone dryer
The cone-shaped animal feed dryer is matched with the heating rod at the bottom through the heating roller, and is supplemented by cross blades, so that the feed can be heated while stirring, so as to achieve the purpose of good heating without uneven heating phenomenon. It is used for small productivity of feed production line


Working Principle of mesh belt feed pellet dryer
Feed pellet dryer consists of several independent units. Every unit is made up of circulation air blower, heating device, fresh air suction & exhaust discharging system. The repeating conveyor belt is made of a stainless steel wire mesh or perforated stainless steel plate, driven by the electric motor via gearboxes. The hot air temperature and circulation volume can be intelligently controlled. After fish feed pellets are feeded evenly into the dryer, they will be spread on the dryer bottom by the rotatory spreader. The hot air of steam radiator will penetrate material layers and take the moisture away. Then dry pellets are pushed to the discharging hole by the screw pusher. Gas feed pellet dryer is commonly equipped with wet type fish feed machine, because wet fish feed machine need a boiler to provide steam, what you should do is to choose a larger boiler that can continuously send hot steam to feed extruder and pellets dryer.


Mesh Belt Fish feed dryer Technical data

Model LM-1 LM-3 LM-7Ⅰ LM-7Ⅱ LM-9
Power (kw) 15-18 24 27 36 45
Capacity (kg/h) 150-200 300-400 500-600 1-1.5T 2-2.5T
Size (cm) 320*110*155 400*135*215 450*150*240 580*150*240 650*210*240

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