Small Flour Mixer Machine For Feed

Small Flour Mixer Machine For Feed

  • Capacity: 10Kg/10min-50KG/10min
    Type:eletric power
    Applicable animal types: poultry/chicken, cattle, sheep, fish, etc. livestock and animal food
    Feed type: Mixing Crushed materials of corn, soybean meal, rice husk, Flout etc.
    TECHNOLOGY:SKF Bearing, China Famous Motor, stainless steel materials
    Standard:JB T 11229-2011, SB T 10127-92

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Small Flour Mixer Machine For Feed max capacity is 50kg, normally mixing crushed materials in powder, such as fish and chicken feed pellets. And the flour mixer is made of stainless steel with low price, also used for mixing flour of noodles, snacks, etc.

Flour feed mxier

Advantages - Chicken feed grinder machine
● High efficiency and uniform mixing
● Improve the production efficiency of noodle cutting equipment and improve the quality of noodles
● Used for mixing powdered raw materials and a small amount of liquid raw materials in the feed, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Such as: pastry filling or mixed with dry powder, etc.

Chicken feed grinder machine Technical data

Model Capacity Power Principle axis rotary speed Capacity(pcs/h)
LM-10 10kg/10min 1.1KW 1400rpm 620*300*730
LM-25 25kg/10min 3KW 2000rpm 1200*300*830
LM-50 50kg/10min 5.5KW 1440rpm 1200*350*850
LM-100 100kg/10min 7kw 750/1500rpm 2100*700*1100

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