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The application and operation of feed pellet making machine , Why use the feed pellet machine? Is it to save time? Or to save costs? How to choose a feed machine? How to choose a seller? How to contact the seller? How to judge the seller? Is there a new technology update for the feed machine?

The small and medium-sized fish feed production line equipment can be widely applied to the production of fish, shrimp, crab, abalone, sea cucumber and various ornamental fish feeds, and is an ideal choice for manufacturers with rigid demand.

Fish feed making machine can be divided into dry type and wet type fish feed extruder according to the moisture of the raw materials.

1.5-3t livestock feed production line equipment includes Rough crusher, crusher machine, fan, dust collector, silo, bucket, pellet machine, etc.

floating fish feed pellet mill machine is mainly used for a variety of aquatic products, pet and other pellet feed curing molding process (such as: float and sink of fish feed, frog feed, pellet suckling pig feed). introduce Single Screw Aquatic Pellet Fe

3Ton/h Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line mainly includes raw material receiving and crushing machine, mixing system, pellet system and finished feed packing system.

Soution for 1Ton/h poultry feed production line also used for producing chicken feed pellets, animal feed pellets and wood pellets.

LIMA machinery provide three solutions for 1-2t/h Chicken feed production line to making chicken, goose, duck feed pellets, etc. This production line normally used in medium and small scale farms.

ZCSP300D 600kg/h-800kg/h Mobile feed pellet production line includes crushing section, material mixing, storage and conveying section, pelletizing section, sieveing & pellet conveying section and other aluxiliary equipments.

Quotation of 100kg/h small floating fish feed production line includes grinder, mixer, pellet machine and packing machine used for producing fish feed pellets.

Requirements and choices for pellet feed machinery, ring die pellet mill is normally used in large scale feed farm for chicken, fish or other animals. the flat die pellet mill is generally used in small scale and medium feed pellets industry.

2 reasons for cleaning chicken pellet making machine, extend service life. after cleaning the pellet making machine, the machine is more convenient.