Fish Feed Cooler

Fish Feed Cooler

  • Capacity: 1t/h, 5t/h, 10t/h, 20t/h
    Type:Counterflow cooler,cooling and screening machine
    Applicable animal types: poultry/chicken, cattle, sheep, fish, etc. livestock and animal food
    Standard: GBT 18835-2002, HG T 3131-2011, JB/T 8915-1999, GB 1993-1980, JB/T 8889-1999

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Fish Feed Pellet Cooler for Fish feed production line is one of important part. Fish feed cooler is widely used in the industry for cooling down the manufactured pellets that hold higher temperature and humidity. Counterflow cooler is also used for all feed production line, the cooling and screening machine is just used with small chicken feed pellet plant.

Cooling and screening machine application


Features of counterflow fish feed pellet cooler
1.One the principle of the advanced counter flow cooling ,SKLN Series counter flow cooler is equipped with a reciprocating grate type discharging device, which is characterized by its smooth material flowing and uniform discharging.
2.The octagon cooling bin has eliminated dead cooling corner ,which is beneficial to the cooling treatment of materials.
3. The cooled pellet is¡Ü3¡æ-5¡æ of the room temperature
4. SKLN series counter-flow cooler is suitable for cooling various kinds of pellets such as pelleted feed, expanded feeds , extruded feeds and flake feeds, etc.
5. Cooling tank is octagonal in design that assures cooling has no dead angles
6. Air-closed material feeder, large inlet air area, an outstanding cooling effect
7.The material discharging device adopts slide valve reciprocating type that has stable and reliable running and leaving little residual
8.Unique design of automatic discharging under power off condition is adopted to avoid cross contamination between feeds.


Working Principle of counterflow fish feed cooler
Counter-flow type cooler machine mainly made by rotary closed air feeder, air outlet, pyramid powder feeder, cooling box, up and down material level device, deceleration brake motor, an eccentric drive slide valve type discharging mechanism, fixed frame adjusting device, aggregate bin, body frame and air suction system.
The working process is that the high temperature and humidity granular materials were uniformly spread out in cooling tank through air feeder and pyramid powder feeder, cold air get into the cooler and get heat exchange between the vertical material layer and the damp heat granule, then sucked out by air suction system, so that the particles can be cooled. The cooling time is controlled by the position of the upper and the lower material level, the motor is switched on when the particle layer reaches the height of the material level, the motor stops when the particle layer is lower than the height of the material level. After motor stopping, the relative position between movable frame and fixed frame is controlled by the travel switch through the brake motor, this can ensure no leakage after stopping discharge. Slide valve type discharge mechanism is arranged at the bottom of the body box, deceleration brake motor make the movable frame for reciprocating motion by eccentric mechanism, change the relative position between the active frame and the fixed frame, to discharge the particulate material from the box, finally discharged by collecting hopper

Fish feed cooler Technical data

Model Capacity
Temperature Precipitation
SKLN11 1-2 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw
SKLN15 4-5 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw
SKLN19 10-15 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw
SKLN22 16-20 10-15 +3℃-+5℃ ≥3%-3.5% 2000 34m³/min 1.5kw 0.75kw

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