• On 2019-11-01, LIMA Machinery shipped the LIMA-260 flat die small poultry feed mill machinery to Zimbabwe including feed pellet machine, dies, Feed formula, etc.

    LIMA-260 400Kg/H-600Kg/H Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Machine technical data

    The broiler value chain was one of the fastest growing sectors in Zimbabwe during the last decade, with an estimated growth rate of 50% in three years (from 88,000 tons in 2012 to 132,000 tons in 2014). However, following a period of macroeconomic decline compounded by an outbreak of Avian Influenza in 2017, there has been an overall decline in growth of 10% in the sector. Most of the broiler production is carried out by Small and Medium Producers (SMPs) whose recovery is vital for the inclusive growth of the sector.

    Due to population and economic growth, the poultry farmers are more to breed chicken. The chicken feed machine is popularly bought by the farmers, feed industry, feed plants, etc.


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