Fish Feed Machine Knowleagde

  • Advantages of aquatic-fish pellet feed machine
    Etruder machine for aquatic feed is a complete feed processing unit with fish feed extruder as the core. It integrates raw material collection, cleaning, demagnetization, crushing, mixing, compression granulation, cooling, crushing, and packaging. It is suitable for feed processing equipment or feed processing unit equipment used by large farms.
    1. Can produce a wide range of products. Can be processed feeds such as: shrimp, crab, squid, squid, squid, frogs, etc., can also produce full-fat soybeans, cat and dog feed, pet feed, ornamental animal feed and other special feed.
    2. Improve feed conversion ratio materials. Due to the high temperature transient (HTST) processing, the gelatinization degree of starch in the feed can be increased to 80-99%, which is more conducive to the digestion of feed by animals, especially aquatic animals (because the intestinal passage of aquatic animals is short and thin). absorb.
    3. Improve the stability of feed in water. Stability is an important indicator of aquafeeds, especially for slow-food animals such as shrimp and crab. Because the stability in water is not good, aquatic animals will be eaten in the future, and the feed will be decomposed into water, which wastes feed and pollutes water quality, which is not conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development of aquaculture, and the stability of expanded feed in water. Achieved; 12 hours, up to 24 hours, which is enough time to wait for the animals to feed, and the shrimp feed requires an average stability of 4 hours in water.
    4. It is convenient to control the density of feed and also produce floating feed. Submerged feed and slow feed (the process parameters in slow feed processing are difficult to control), which is more conducive to the feed needs of different aquaculture animals. The feed mixer considers floating feed, which allows farmers to observe the fish. The feeding situation can adjust the feed feeding and save the feed.


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