Feed Equipment Knowleagde

  • Feed Pellet Rotary Screener or Plane Rotary Sifter or screening machine is mainly used for classification of granule and crushed materials, can also be used for secondary circulation pulverization process, the cleaning and grading for granule and powder materials.

    Feed Pellet Rotary Screener

    Advantage of Feed Pellet Rotary Screener
    Use special balance approach, to ensure the fully balance of inertia force of every direction during the motor process of sifter planar;Use flexible support in the tail, has the characteristic of small vibration and lower noisy;The materials movement track are respectively circular, elliptic and reciprocal rectilinear motion in the former, middle and back of the screen machine, so it has the features of large capacity and high efficiency;Equipped with self-cleaning device, avoid mesh clogging;Fully enclosed structure, avoid the dust out leakage, protect working environment

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