Fish Feed Machine Knowleagde

  • It is a new type of aquaculture mode, through a series of water treatment units, the wastewater generated in the aquaculture pond is treated and recycled again. The main principle of RAS is to integrate advanced technologies in environmental engineering, civil engineering, modern biology, electronic information and other disciplines to remove residual bait manure, ammonia nitrogen (TAN), and nitrite nitrogen (NO2--N) in aquaculture waters. ) And other harmful pollutants, for the purpose of purifying the breeding environment, the process of using physical filtration, biological filtration, CO2 removal, disinfection, oxygenation, temperature adjustment and other treatments to re-enter the purified water body into the aquaculture pond. It can not only solve the problem of low water resource utilization, but also provide stable, reliable, comfortable and high-quality living environment for breeding organisms, and provide favorable conditions for high-density breeding.

    RAS system including the following equipments:
    1. Breeding ponds: hatching ponds, nursery ponds, and breeding ponds.
    2. Physical filtration: pre-drainage device; diversion and sewage collection device.
    Sedimentation: sedimentation tank, inclined plate settler, vertical flow settler, cyclone settler.
    Sand filter: sand filter, sand filter tank, active sand filter. Curved screen.
    Micro filter: plastic micro filter, spin micro filter, intelligent micro filter, adjustable speed micro filter, micro micro filter, stainless steel micro filter.
    Filters: belt filters, bag filters, membrane filters, pressure filters.
    Carbon dioxide remover:
    Protein skimmer: outer row type protein skimmer; inner row type protein skimmer; overflow; dissolved gas release device.
    3. Biological filtration: moving bed bioreactor: trickle filter; biological turntable: submerged filter; biological bypass reactor; biological flocculation purifier; integrated physicochemical/biochemical device. Bamboo ring packing; bamboo ball packing; bamboo sheet packing; suspended packing; filter strip packing; multi-faceted hollow ball packing; glass ring packing; three-dimensional elastic packing; comet fiber filter material; asymmetric fiber packing.
    4. Sterilization: ozone system. Closed ultraviolet sterilizer: manual cleaning ultraviolet sterilizer, pneumatic cleaning ultraviolet sterilizer, mechanical cleaning ultraviolet sterilizer, self-cleaning ultraviolet sterilizer. Open ultraviolet sterilizer; open channel ultraviolet sterilizer. Air UV sterilizer.
    5. Aeration, pure oxygen aeration: low-pressure oxygen mixer; jet aerator; turbulent flow aerator; pressure aeration; oxygen cone; gas stone; aeration tube; oxygen recovery device. PSA oxygen generator; liquid oxygen; oxygen source filter.
    6. Temperature control system: temperature monitoring; heat source: geothermal; solar energy; electricity; coal, waste heat. Heat exchanger, heating and cooling machine, heat pump; boiler.
    7. Monitoring system: PH monitoring; dissolved oxygen monitoring; water level alarm; salinity monitoring; light monitoring. Distribution System. Computer management and networking system. Remote wireless control system. Video monitoring. 8. Bait throwing system: automatic feeding and stopping monitoring system for automatic feeding machine. 9. Electronic measurement: automatic weighing. Automatic sorting. RFID radio frequency identification system.

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