Fish Feed Machine Knowleagde

  • The main attention to raising catfish
    Construction of fish ponds. The selected fish pond must be a quiet place, and the water source must be sufficient, and ensure that there is no pollution. When constructing the fish pond, it must be decided according to the specific location, and the area of ​​the fish pond should be planned reasonably. It does not need to be built too deep, about 1.2 meters, and there must be water intake and drainage pipes, which can also facilitate the change of water for the fish. Before raising catfish, the fish pond must be disinfected. Generally, quicklime is commonly used. Its disinfection effect is also very good. When the poison is completely disinfected, water will be released into the fish pond.

    Fish species. First, you must go to a regular place to buy fry. When choosing fish fry, you should observe more and watch the activity and eating of the fry. The most important thing is not to damage the performance of the fry. Generally, the more active fry are healthier and have not been affected by diseases and insects. In addition, pay attention to the selection. Fish fry of uniform size, so it will be easier to manage. When putting the fry into the fish pond, try to put a little bit less first, and then stock them in large quantities when there is no problem, but you can’t put too much, as long as seventy or eighty per square meter is enough.

    Water quality. This point requires special attention from farmers. First of all, ensure that the water put into the fish pond is clean and has not been polluted, and the water must be changed every half a month, and the water cannot be changed completely. Replace it, keep 30% of the old water, and add enough new water. Pay attention to observation during the process of raising fish. If the catfish always jumps out of the water, it means that there is a lack of oxygen in the water. At this time, you need to change a part of the new water, and you can also add some oxygenators to it.

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