260Kg/H-300Kg/H Catfish Feed Making Machine

260Kg/H-300Kg/H Catfish Feed Making Machine

  • Type: dry type fish feed machine and wet type fish feed machine
    APPLICATION: used for making fish food for puffed fish, eel, shrimp, crab, loach, bullfrog, pet food, etc. is specially designed for the production of high-grade floating aquatic feed, sinking aquatic feed, pet feed and ornamental animal feed
    TECHNOLOGY: Carbon steel screw and nut sleeves, China Famous Motor, PLC control,detachable cutter
    PELLET SIZES: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm

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260Kg/H-300Kg/H Catfish Feed Making Machine includes a base, a main motor, a connecting box, a connecting frame, a hopper, a storage box, and a processing box. The lower end of the base is provided with an electro-hydraulic prop, the lower end of the electro-hydraulic prop is provided with a universal wheel, and the lower end of the base is provided with a leg , The leg is installed on the right side of the universal wheel, the main motor is installed on the upper end of the base, the right side of the connection box is equipped with the main motor, the main motor is installed inside the muffler shell, the lower end of the main motor is provided with a shock-absorbing plate, and the upper end surface of the muffler shell It is equipped with a noise-absorbing cover, and a handle is arranged at the middle position of the upper end surface of the noise-absorbing cover. This design increases the noise-absorbing and shock-absorbing functions of the utility model. The utility model has a reasonable structure, good noise-absorbing effect, easy movement, convenient use and high reliability.

structure of fish feed machine

Characteristics of 260Kg/H-300Kg/H Catfish Feed Making Machine
1. The model design is novel, the structure is compact, and the production efficiency is high.
2. Reliable work, sturdy and durable, low failure rate, convenient operation and maintenance.
3. Simple and convenient to use, stable transmission and low noise.
4. The dry puffing process adopts self-heating method and does not need a steam system, which is more in line with the actual needs of users.
4. The screw design has a powerful self-cleaning function, and the screw groove can be purified by itself, so when changing the formula and product variety, there is no need to stop for cleaning. The screw has a strong pumping effect, and the material has a strong effect of stagnation and diffusion, and the advancing speed is relatively high. Fast, product quality is relatively stable.
5. The screw discharge adopts modular design, which is convenient to adjust and cheap.
7. It can be equipped with an automatic feeding system. The feeder is a horizontal conveying screw controlled by the latest switched reluctance speed motor in the world. The other end is connected with an extruder, and the output can be controlled by adjusting the feeding amount. (Quantitative feeding, and can effectively prevent material arching).
8. Cutting system, the independent cutting device is connected to the machine body easily and quickly. The cutting head with variable speed can easily adjust the cutter and the gap between the cutter and the template. Different templates can be prepared according to the needs to ensure that all The required material diameter and length can produce products of different specifications and material shapes.
9. No adhesive is needed for processing floating feed, and it can maintain stability in water for more than 2 hours.
10. It can process round products of ¢1-10 mm.
11. The main shaft is a combined structure, and the spare extension shaft can adapt to the puffing processing of different materials.
12. Small and medium-sized equipment is especially suitable for scientific research institutions, special breeding farms or small and medium-sized feed factories.
13. Wet and dry dual purpose. In the single screw extruder equipment, those above 30KW can be expanded by the conditioner wet method, and both have the ability of both dry and wet.


260Kg/H-300Kg/H Catfish Feed Making Machine technical data

Model LM-80
Capacity 260kg/h-300kg/h
Main Shaft power 22KW
Feeding power 0.6kw
Screw diameter 80mm
Cutting power 0.6kw
Dimension(mm) 1800*1450*1300
Weight 690kg

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