• Can corn and wheat poles be processed into feed pellets?
    In itself, these corn stalks, wheat stalks, peanuts and other crop stalks are rich in calcium, scales, nails, cellulose and other nutrients. In the past, in order to save trouble and labor, farmers directly smashed the fields, so that the next season The base fertilizer is also fertile for the land. However, as the level of consumption in the market continues to increase, the feed of livestock and poultry is also high for farmers. However, it is not easy for farmers to make money. In order to save resources, the crop straws such as corn stalks and wheat straws are directly pulverized into the final shape, and then granulated by the pellet granules, which is easy to store and can be used as livestock animals. For feed. In fact, the feed processing plant also produces processed feed in this way, but it is only higher technology.
    In order to make the crop straw into feed, first use the straw feed mill to smash the straw. (Note: There are two kinds of straw crushing. First, it is crushed into the end, which is generally used to compress the feed or mix the corn meal with the pig. Cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and other animals; the second is to cut off the crush directly, about 1-8 cm in length, the length can be adjusted, directly to make the fodder of cattle and horses;), and then corn bran, flour, etc. The materials such as the pellets are pressed together to form small particles, which are easier to store. During the pressing of the pellets, high temperatures are generated, which can play a bactericidal effect, and the feed quality is more excellent, and the livestock animals have more appetite.
    Corn stalks, wheat straw and other crop straws are used as feed. It is a good investment project for some small farms in rural areas. It only needs straw smasher and feed granule machine. It has low investment, quick effect and profit. Also big.

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