• The feed pulverizer includes a pair of roller mills and hammer mills. What should be paid attention to during the use of the hammer mill?
    1. Hammer-type feed mill spindle speed (n unit is revolution / minute) to meet the requirements of the manual, otherwise the hammer speed is low, the impact is not good, so the production capacity is reduced. However, the spindle speed is not as high as possible, too high, the machine is strongly vibrated, the noise is increased, the parts are easily damaged, and even an accident may occur. In order to achieve a certain speed, the motor is mainly replaced and the rotating device is adjusted.
    2. The power (n) of the hammer-type feed mill with the power machine should be determined according to the production capacity (q) of the mill, and should not be too large or too small. It should generally be calculated as follows: n = (6.4 - 10.5) q. The unit of n is kilowatt, and the unit of q is tons/hour. If the pulverization is required to be finer, the value of the coefficient may be larger. If the pulverization is required to be coarser, the value of the coefficient may be smaller. After the calculation results are made, the selection is based on the actual power of the motor. The height is not low. If the calculation result is about 6 kW, the 7.5 kW motor is used, and 5.5 kW cannot be used.
    3. The pulverizer should be installed on a solid concrete foundation or a steel base to prevent strong vibration, damage to the machine, and even accidents. When installing the belt drive, the center line of the pulley of the motor and the pulley of the pulverizer should be aligned. It should be in a vertical plane, and the two spindles should be parallel to prevent the belt from being pulled off, which affects the normal transmission.
    4. The crushed feed shall not be mixed with metal blocks, nails, stones, etc., so as not to damage the hammer and the rotor. The moisture content in the feed should generally be less than 15%. If the moisture content is too high, the feed is not easily broken.
    5. Be careful before starting the machine. In particular, it is necessary to check whether high-speed moving parts such as hammers are installed firmly and reliably. Check the split pin on the hammer pin, such as excessive wear or breakage, should be replaced in time. Check whether the lubricating oil in the main bearing is sufficient. Generally, it is necessary to refuel one time before each shift to ensure the lubrication of the main bearing is reliable. Check for any foreign objects in the crushing chamber. Turn the pulley by hand to check if the rotor is flexible. There should be no abnormalities such as jam and friction. Check that the screen is installed securely and leaks. Check that the motor wiring is correct and secure.
    The above is the use method and precautions of the hammer type feed mill. The normal operation method can reduce the failure, extend the life of the machine and increase the output.

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