• In recent years, with the hot development of the feed crushing machinery industry, feed mill manufacturers are also endless, feed mill equipment is also very different, customers will inevitably hesitate to buy, I suggest you think about the following:
    1. Good economy: It means that the production process equipment consumes less energy, the maintenance cost is low, the operating cost is low, and the comprehensive economic benefit is good.
    2. Good reliability: When the production equipment fully utilizes its high function, the work precision is reliable, the failure rate is low, the attendance rate is high, and the average life expectancy is long.
    3. Good usability: It can meet the requirements of production process, strong adaptability, convenient operation and use, advanced technical performance, uniform product size and high production efficiency, which is convenient for the pulverizer and related equipment.
    4. Good maintainability: It means that the equipment structure is reasonable, the parts are standardized and generalized, the interchangeability is good, and it is easy to inspect, test and repair.
    5. Environmental protection and safety technology: It means that the crusher has low noise and less dust. The feed crushing equipment is coordinated in the “human-machine relationship” at work, and the safety devices are properly arranged. It is forbidden to discharge a large amount of harmful substances to the surroundings.


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