• What are the considerations for the necessity of adding anti-shock device for feed machinery?Mh3帝国网站管理系统

    Since the feed machinery has a huge vibration effect during the granulation process, it is necessary to add an anti-vibration device. Of course, feed machinery and equipment does not mean that a certain aspect is good in many aspects. Of course, it is necessary to consider the performance indicators. Today we are going to introduce you to several weight considerations:
    1, the overall structure of the feed machinery material consideration, that is to say its raw materials
    2. Both the internal metal components of the feed machinery and the external metal packaging should be resistant to corrosion, friction and high temperature, and must be resistant to extrusion and collision.
    3, feed machinery and equipment in the process of work is inevitably to carry out related movements, here we clearly tell everyone to accurately select the way of moving, it is best to be done in a fully automatic or semi-automatic way, which can reduce the labor of employees strength.
    4. In order to prevent the fluctuation of the feed machinery during the production process, we will choose a certain anti-vibration device, which can avoid the vibration delay caused by the compressed air to a certain extent.
    In short, it is imperative to add anti-vibration devices to the feed machinery and equipment, which can reduce damage to the equipment and prevent the overflow of the finished particles.

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