• As the necessary equipment for conveying raw materials, the screw conveyor is mainly responsible for transporting the raw materials that need to be processed to the processing place. It can be said that it is responsible for the horizontal transportation of raw materials. Of course, it is also convenient for transportation with a slope of 20 degrees. . Because of the special nature of its transportation materials, it has become an auxiliary equipment for the feed pellet machine. 
    In fact, the feed conveying machine screw conveying method is not only the conveying function, its own feeding and mixing function is definitely another reason why everyone likes it. Usually used in feed machinery is a continuous spiral surface. The biggest advantage of this continuous spiral surface is that it can provide a platform for the balance of forces at each point. The spiral used in the feed equipment refers to the installation of the machine slot in addition to the most common transmission structure, machine slots, hangers, etc., the main purpose is to store excess raw materials.
    Usually, the order of the start of the feed pellet machine and the screw conveyor is that the former is first opened, and the latter is checked before everything is normal. The equipment work is also first come and come, so this skill is not surprising.
    There are strict requirements for the gap conveyor between the spiral surface and the machine slot. This is mainly to prevent abrasive materials and the gap size is adjustable to meet different needs. If the gap is set incorrectly, it is easy to cause the bearing to break.
    Screw conveyor product features:
    1. The equipment is used for horizontal conveying of granular materials or powdery materials in food, feed and other industries, or inclined conveying (inclination angle is less than 20.
    2. The shell is U-shaped groove design, and the feed port adopts variable pitch technology to avoid the blockage of materials.
    3. The large opening of the feed can be made as required. The full length opening can be used for single or multiple discharges.
    4. Reducer chain drive, stable operation

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