• The feed pellet machine is used as a pellet of a product such as feed, and can turn various raw materials into pellets. Recently, however, we have found that many users use a pelletizer when there is a lot of granulation. Even some powders are directly exported from the export without processing, so here is a combination of questions and explanations about the reasons why the pellet machine does not granulate.
    1. the feed ingredient problem or the formula is too bad, or the feed water content is too high or too low, resulting in difficulty in discharging, and the machine cannot granulate;
    2.The quality of the ring mode is not good, or the compression is not too high. At this time, you can try to change the mold;
    3. The feeding scraper is not installed correctly, and the feeding is not fed into the pressing chamber;
    Reason four: The cutter is not in the correct position and the discharge is extruded into a powder.
    The feed pellet machine often has similar problems when it is put into use. How to solve it is to find out the cause of the problem and replace the new one, and then prevent similar problems in the future. The most important thing is to maintain the pellet machine after use. This is the key to preventing all problems from appearing.

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