• line.jpgThe comminution of feed ingredients is a very important part of feed processing and one of the important feed equipments that are indispensable in a feed production line. So what role does the feed mill play in the feed production line? Shandong Shuanghe Machinery Manufacturing Xiaobian will give you the following answers.aDM帝国网站管理系统

    Firstly, the pulverization can increase the total surface area of ​​the unit mass of the raw material particles, increase the solubility of the feed nutrients in the animal digestive juice, and increase the digestibility of the animal;
    At the same time, the small size of the pulverized raw material has a very important influence on the ease of subsequent processes (such as granulation, etc.) and the quality of the finished product;
    Moreover, the size of the pulverized particle size directly affects the production cost, and in the production of the powdery compound feed, the power consumption of the pulverization process is about 50% to 70% of the total power consumption. The smaller the pulverization particle size, the more favorable it is for the animal to digest and absorb, and the more favorable it is for granulation, but at the same time the power consumption will increase accordingly, and vice versa.
    . As the main equipment of the feed industry, the feed mill is an important factor in the formation of feed quality, feed remuneration and feed processing costs. Therefore, proper understanding of the crushing technology and the selection of an appropriate feed crusher are problems that can not be ignored in feed production.


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