• Differences and characteristics between high-quality feed pellet machine and poor quality feed pellet machine
    High quality feed pellet machine features:
    1, high-quality feed pellet machine biological full-price feed appearance of cylindrical, smooth, sturdy, diameter 1.5-6mm. It has a fruity aroma and is suitable for raising poultry such as pigs, chickens, ducks, goose cattle and sheep.
    2, feed pellet machine is the ideal equipment for animal husbandry, is the key to good feed, for feed ripening, increase nutrition, increase absorption rate, kill germs, store and transport, reduce costs, save resources, adapt to animal chewing function, It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of animal husbandry.
    3, feed pellet machine selects superior performance single machine combination, automatic feeding, feeding fast, smooth discharge. Good palatability of pellet feed in the pressing process, the starch in the mixed powder is gelatinized, so that the pressed pellet feed has A certain fragrance increases the palatability of the pellet feed.
    4. In the process of pressing, the pellet feed has a comprehensive effect of short-term high temperature and high pressure, which not only makes the starch gelatinization and protein organization in the feed, but also enhances the enzyme activity, so that some of the beans and the grain in the feed are contained in the feed. Substance passivation that hinders the digestion and utilization of nutrients, which increases the digestibility of the feed.
    The problems with poor quality feed pellet machines are:
    1. The safety protection measures are poor. If the safety operation items are not specified in the manual, the overload protection device, iron removal device, transmission protection device, linkage interlocking device, safety warning sign and other items require missing.
    2. The technology is backward and the manufacturing quality is poor, which causes the meter's electricity consumption per ton item to exceed the standard and increase the user's production cost.
    3. Low particle forming rate and poor water stability are caused by unreasonable pore size ratio of the template, unreasonable feed ripening degree, and low particle density.
    4. The noise of work is caused by the poor quality of assembly and parts processing.
    5. The material selection of the template press roll cutter, extrusion screw and other components is unreasonable, and no heat treatment or heat treatment is not correct, resulting in poor corrosion resistance and wear resistance of these parts, affecting the normal operation of the equipment and the appearance of pellet feed. Intrinsic quality. Generally, the screw life of the expanded pelletizer should be more than 1000 hours, the life of the small flat die must be more than 1100 hours, and the life of the ring die should be more than 600 hours.

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