• To understand the commissioning process of the feed pellet machine, first understand the process flow of the pellet feed production line and understand the function of each specific equipment in the process flow.
    Before commissioning, check the operation of a specific equipment one by one, and understand the crushing size of the crusher matched with the die hole of the granulator used. The particle size of the raw material should be fine, but it should not be too fine, preferably coarse, medium and fine.
    Before commissioning, the warehouse should be cleaned to remove the stones and welding slag left during installation. Before commissioning, check whether the steam piping system used has good decompression function and hydrophobic function to ensure the required granulation. Dry and saturated quenched and tempered steam, and can ensure that there is always 0.058-0.4MPA steam after the pressure reducing valve.
    Before starting the granulator, the distance between the pressure roller and the ring die should be adjusted. Generally, when the ring die is rotated, the pressure roller seems to turn non-rotating. The distance between the ring die and the pressure roller should not be adjusted too small, resulting in direct friction. It will speed up the wear of the ring mold and the pressure roller, and will reduce the unit output during production. When the granulation equipment is started, the feeding amount should not be maximized instantaneously. Add a little material while adding a little steam for about 5-10 minutes. When the feed amount reaches the desired value
    The commissioning process of the feed pellet machine is very important, and attention should be paid to the adjustment of the particle size of the feed pellet machine.

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