• The screen in the feed mill is made of sheet steel or iron. When the screen is worn or broken by foreign matter, if the damage is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering; if the area is damaged, the new screen should be replaced. When installing the screen, the burr side of the screen should be facing inward, the glossy side facing outward, and the screen and the screen frame should be tightly attached. When the ring screen is installed, the lap of the lap should be in the direction of rotation to prevent the material from getting stuck at the lap joint.
    1. Wash and dry the perforated sieve; then cut a sieve that is slightly larger than the perforation range, and clean and dry.
    2. Grind the sieve with sand cloth. The area of the perforated screen is slightly larger than the area of the screen.
    3. Apply all the glue to the polished parts of the two sieves, then stick them together and press them for 24 hours. After the glue is dry, the agriculture information service can be installed and used.

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