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    Among the whole set of feed machinery and equipment, cleaning equipment is one of the essential components. But in the face of the goal of cleaning up the equipment, how do users choose the cleaning equipment that is suitable for their feed production line?
     One: grid screen
    The grid screen is the simplest cleaning device and is welded with only a few steel bars. The main function is to prevent large impurities such as mud, stones and ropes from entering the material discharge port, preventing blockage of the feeding and downstream conveying and processing equipment; it also prevents the feeding personnel from falling into the material feeding port to protect personnel safety. The grid screen is the first cleaning equipment, and almost every feeding port should be set up, such as the main plant main and auxiliary material feeding port, and the artificial addition port of the additive next to the batching scale.
    The gap of the grid screen should be determined according to different discharge ports and different materials. For example, the gap between the grids in the feed main workshop, corn and powdery auxiliary materials is about 30 mm. In the corn feed port in front of the vertical storage, because of the large output required, the gap between the screens can be larger. For the cake material, due to its poor scattering, the gap between the screens should be about 40 mm.
    The material for making the grid screen can be welded by a flat steel having a thickness of 2 mm to 3 mm and a width of 10 mm to 20 mm or a round steel having a diameter of 10 mm. The grid screen should be fixed at the feeding port and ensure an inclination of 8 to 10 degrees, so as to pour the material in the bag and reduce the labor intensity of the material.
    Two: cleaning the sieve
    The cleaning screen is the main equipment for the cleaning and cleaning of the feed mill. Commonly used are the cylinder primary clearing sieve, the cone powder cleaning sieve and the plane swirling vibrating screen.
    Cylinder primary cleaning screen is mainly used to clean granular raw materials, such as corn cob, hemp rope, cloth, stone, clods, straw and so on. The primary screening of the cylinder is not suitable for the powder, mainly because the powder is less scattered than the particles, and it is easy to accumulate and clog on the chute of the feed, so that the production cannot be smoothly carried out. The cylinder primary cleaning sieve has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, large output, low power, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. The sieve cylinder suitable for the sieve hole can be selected according to the nature of the material.
    The cone powder cleaning screen is mainly used for cleaning the powdery raw materials in the feed factory, which can effectively remove the large impurities mixed in the powder, and can break up the powder which is formed into agglomerates. The cleaning sieve feed is forced feeding by spiral, so that the powder can be smoothly fed into the horizontal sieve cylinder to avoid clogging of the powder during transportation. Because of the radial spokes in the device, impurities such as the rope head are easily entangled in the work, and it is not easy to remove. However, in general, the model has the advantages of compact structure, easy installation, high impurity removal efficiency, reliable operation, stable operation and convenient screen change.
    Planar rotary vibrating screens can be used for the cleaning of granular materials and for the cleaning of powdered materials. As a cleaning screen, it is possible to effectively remove large impurities in the raw material. The device changes the screen surface from above, which saves the space occupied by the screen change, and the screen surface is fixed by the buckle, and the screen change operation is very convenient. As a cleaning screen, compared with the former two kinds of equipment, the flat-rotating vibrating screen has strong adaptability to materials and high impurity removal efficiency, but the discharge port is small and sometimes miscellaneous; for the same treatment volume, its power Consumption, floor space is larger, the price is higher, and it is easy to produce noise and vibration.
    Three: magnetic separation equipment
    Magnetic separation equipment can be divided into electromagnetic equipment and permanent magnet equipment according to the type of magnet. When the electromagnetic equipment is powered off, the iron miscellaneous will fall into the material and it is inconvenient to use. Therefore, the feed mill now uses permanent magnet equipment.

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