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    The necessary modulator "modulator" for feed pellets plays an important role. Regardless of the size and function of the feed pellet machine, the modulator has become an indispensable part of it. So why is the modulator sacred and what is important?N5D帝国网站管理系统

    1. The most important function of the modulator is to make the formed raw materials react with the high-temperature hot steam to make it mature. Its structure is very simple, the top is cylindrical, built-in twisted dragon line, the 蛟龙 line is driven by a high-power motor, and the next is convenient for the material forming chamber, which is absolutely convenient for high-temperature reaction.
    2, the boring after molding, under the action of high temperature steam, not only can be boring steamed, but also can play a role in sterilization, steam sterilization is absolutely more reliable than chemical agents, which is also beneficial to animal to some extent The digestion and absorption of feed definitely has a good rise.
    3. Under the high temperature action of the modulator, the material is softened softly, and the softening degree of the material is higher, and the wear on the feed pellet machine is smaller in the process of further processing.
    4. The reason why there is a small secret in the use of the modulator is that the matured material is easier to pelletize, which is definitely a breakthrough in the production efficiency of the equipment.

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