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    The pulverization efficiency and yield of the feed mill depend on the amount of feed delivered. Conventional feeding devices are prone to clogging and are susceptible to damage that affects normal operation, which is absolutely not allowed. What are the advantages of the feed mill screw feeding device compared to the traditional feeding device? Below we will explain each aspect one by one:
     First, the structure of the feed mill screw feeding device
    1. The feeding end of the feeding device;
    2. Because it is a spiral finger, the spiral blade and the drum cylinder become indispensable;
    3, in order to facilitate access to the guide plate naturally also plays an important role;
    The front surface of the spiral blade is integrated with the baffle plate, and the rear end is welded with the drum body; the baffle is provided with supporting means; the guide material is tightly welded with the inner wall of the drum.
    Second, the principle of the feed pellet machine rotary feeding device
    When the processing raw material or the semi-finished product enters, the material stays in the rotating blade, and then the drum cylinder rotates to realize the feeding, and finally moves to the discharging port under the action of the guiding plate.
    Third, the advantages of choosing a rotary feeding device
    1. Rotational motion increases the utilization of thermal energy;
    2. It has special treatment effect on materials with high water content and high viscosity;
    3. Feeding evenly, ensuring uninterrupted feeding and preventing blockage;

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