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    TheFeed extruder is also a mechanical equipment for granulating feed. The advanced extruder technology is suitable for the scale of professional farms. The feed puffing machine mainly uses corn, soybean (bean cake) animal waste and other raw materials as raw materials, and can be directly added into the machine to expand and produce different kinds of fresh and unique grain shapes, good taste, fine tissue and nutrient-rich feed, because the method is for poultry and livestock. The feeding has a great convenience and high quality performance compared with the traditional method, which is very suitable for professional farmers, small and medium-sized feed factories. The effect of the fish puffed feed granules produced by the feed puffing machine is neat and smooth, the floating water surface does not sink for more than 12 hours, does not pollute the water source, and sterilizes and reduces fish diseases, and is one of the devices which are very beneficial to the development of the breeding industry.
    By using the extrusion of the unequal standard spiral system of the feed extruder, the gas in the material is discharged and quickly filled by the material, and the material is subjected to shear force to generate reflux, so that the pressure inside the casing increases, with The friction between the spiral and the machine makes the material fully mixed, squeezed, heated, glued, gelatinized to produce tissue changes, the original structure is damaged, and the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy through the friction of the material in the crucible, so that the material It becomes a gelling state with fluid properties. When the material is extruded to the outlet, the pressure changes from high pressure to normal pressure, and from high temperature to normal temperature, causing moisture to evaporate rapidly from the structure, forming numerous micropores inside. The structure is then cut by a cutting device, and the cooling is expanded.

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